What CPAP Supplies Medicare Covers

Breath Some New Life into Your CPAP Therapy
Medicare makes it easy with covered replacement of your CPAP mask, hoses and more!

Does it seem like your CPAP therapy just isn't working like it used to?

Perhaps your mask needs to be replaced. Or, maybe your tubing has a leak.

Medicare understands the critical importance of properly maintaining your CPAP equipment. That's why Medicare will pay to replace your supplies on a regular basis, including masks, headgear, tubing, filters, humidifiers, and replacement pillows and cushions.

The Key Is Comfort

It's also important to remember that, for effective treatment, you'll need to wear your CPAP nightly. And that means finding a mask that fits you comfortably. Unfortunately, many apnea sufferers have a bad experience with an ill-fitting mask and say: "I just can't get used to this mask!"

By taking full advantage of your CPAP benefits under Medicare, you can try a new mask and make sure that you always have the most comfortable equipment available.

Regular replacement is important:

• Masks — Even if you regularly clean your mask, oils from your skin can build up and prevent a proper seal. Plus, even regular use of your CPAP mask can change the way it fits, reducing its effectiveness. Replacing your mask regularly — or finding a better fitting model — is crucial for getting the most out of your CPAP treatment.

Medicare-allowed replacement: 1 face mask or nasal mask every 90 days.

• Tubing — Bacteria can grow in the moist, warm environment of your tubing or hose, leading to nasty infections. Plus, normal wear and tear can cause holes, cracks and other leaks (not to mention damage from pets and curious children).

Medicare-allowed replacement: 1 set of tubing every 30 days or two sets of disposable tubing every 30 days.

• Filters — Filters, whether permanent or disposable, are meant to be replaced regularly. Clogged filters can reduce the effectiveness of your CPAP unit by reducing the air pressure.

Medicare-allowed replacement: 2 disposable filters every 30 days or 1 non-disposable filter every 180 days.

• Straps — Straps can stretch or break, and straps that are too tight can break the seal and create leaks.

Medicare-allowed replacement: 1 set of headgear or 1 chinstrap every 180 days.

• Nasal pillows — Inserted into the nostrils, these small flexible pieces are alternatives to a mask. Because they don't rest on the nose or face, they are a good option if you have skin sensitivities or allergies, or you have a beard or moustache.

Medicare allowed replacement: 2 pairs of nasal pillows every 30 days.

• Cushions — These padded cushions are considered "wear items" and are meant to be replaced on a routine basis, especially as they crack or lose their shape from constant contact with your skin.

Medicare-allowed replacement: 1 face mask cushion every 30 days or 2 nasal mask cushions every 30 days.

Here is a quick reference chart of supplies and their allowed rates of re-order:

Item Replacement Frequency
Face Mask 1 every 90 days
Face Mask Cushion 1 every 30 days
Nasal Mask 1 every 90 days
Nasal Mask Cushion 2 every 30 days
Nasal Pillows 2 pairs every 30 days
Headgear 1 every 180 days
Chinstrap 1 every 180 days
Tubing 1 every 30 days
Disposable Tubing 2 every 30 days
Nasal Cushion 2 every 30 days
Replacement Pillow 2 every 30 days
Disposable Filters 2 every 30 days
Non-disposable Filters 1 every 180 days
Oral Interface 1 every 90 days

Signs Your Equipment May Need Replacing

Working with our Featured Suppliers, you'll receive convenient reminders when it's time to replace your CPAP equipment. But there may be times when you need to replace CPAP items more frequently:

  • Your mask or nasal pillow system begins to leak.
  • You find a tear in your mask or nasal cushion.
  • Your mask becomes uncomfortable to wear.
  • You begin to snore or experience apnea symptoms again while using CPAP therapy.
  • Your CPAP machine rattles or begins making strange noises.

Of course, you should always talk with your healthcare provider if you are experiencing issues with the fit, comfort or performance of your CPAP therapy. But know that our Featured Suppliers also have trained representatives standing by to answer your questions.

Order it and forget about it.

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